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      How to deal with failure PTZ

      PTZ approach common faults

      1, the code does not turn lights flash.

      Learn to monitor control all know, with DVR control PTZ, it is usually controlled through the serial port. But usually the serial port of the DVR (ie COM port) outgoing signal is 232, so just after the 232 serial port connected to a signal converter 485 into code signals, to enhance the transmission distance, anti-jamming capability and enhance its signal encoding.

      And general codes turn on manufacturers will increase one yards turn work lights thereon, when a signal is transmitted, the working indicator will stop flashing. Light does not flash, it is not the main switch control signal incoming code. This problem is often caused by setting a software problem, software PTZ control ports are arranged in turn connected to serial code, if the code or turn lights do not flash, then try for a serial port, such as not enough, it may be corrupted code switch You need to escape revolution.


      2, can not control the decoder.

      First, please check the power supply decoder is normal, the normal self-test.

      Then along will confirm there is no incoming control signal decoder, the decoder typically has a communication light, when there is an incoming control signal decoder, its light will flash if the lamp is not in operation when the control is to see the front control whether the end of the code transferred to pull the output signal is a signal 485, and a control signal transmission line there is no problem, then check the control lines a and B there is no wrong.

      When all hardware troubleshooting, check the host setting decoder DIP switch is correct. Mainly from the control protocol, address code and baud rate in these areas to check. When the decoder no problems communicating with the host, the host control decoder, relay type decoder which will have a "ticking" sound.


      3, the head can not use all or part of the function can not be achieved.

      If the head can not use all the functions, most of which are damaged or PTZ and PTZ decoder wiring errors (mainly COM common). PTZ decoder connection control instructions eleven connected correctly, or if not control, then the amount with a multimeter and function of the decoder common side corresponding to the control voltage there is no change, if there is proof PTZ problem, if there is no , then the decoder output port has a problem, you need to replace the decoder.

      PTZ some functions can not be achieved, first check whether the head of that part of the function physical damage. Not as a head up, we can put up connection and access to a common voltage AC24V PTZ PTZ to take a voltage AC24V, AC220V AC200V head to take a voltage, if the normal upward, then prove that PTZ is no problem, the problem is the decoder. In addition to problems with a decoder to decode damaged artifacts is not rational matching control protocol. For the latter, you can find contact the manufacturer to provide matching normal protocol.


      4, head fault addition to the above problems, there are some relatively prone to failure.

      For example, the head sometimes normal and sometimes not normal, most of this head is not installed correctly (such as formal wear safety became lifting), resulting in the head is not working properly, long-term effect may lead to damage to the head. Another problem is the interference, which is often out like a cloud has been left or right, stop, or did not control the PTZ will rotate on their own, this is due to fading and interference signal transmission.

      Wenzhou Xu as Intelligent Security Ltd PTZ, PTZ car, smart ball, ball speed and hard disk recorders are based on RS485 control, market feedback has been good, very good customer reputation, few problems mentioned above, if the problem occurs Please refer to the above approach, as described in steps one by one down, if not solve the problem, then we will provide personalized service to help you solve to satisfaction.

      Thank you for your continued support! Wenzhou Xu depending Security Intelligence Ltd. will continue to provide you with quality products and services!

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