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      Analysis on the Four Essential Measures for Car Security

      With the development of society, the car has brought us convenience, in the streets we can see a wide range of cars everywhere, but the limited space, which also brings the majority of owners of parking problems, improper In order to avoid these unnecessary things happen, Xiaobian or to remind the majority of owners usually pay more attention to some of the details, to develop some good habits, how long a mind.


      Valuables inside the car


      In fact, this one is the most deadly, you do not have anything in the car, the thief will not be stupid enough to turn things on their own car. If there is no way to get the car, small items can be placed in the glove box or the central armrest box. Large items do not arbitrarily on the back seat, or on the trunk will be a little better. Note that only a little better, remember that the trunk is not a safe, a lot of cases because the items on the trunk occurred, so if things can be taken away, try not to on the car.


      Be careful of the car jammers


      Car jammers are definitely killings in the invisible, the news there are many reports on the car jammers. So the car parked after the lock car, remember to pull the door by hand, to confirm the door really locked. But some high-end models are now using the sensor lock, even in the case of lock car to the key will automatically open the door, then we need to listen to the sound, and all the locks in the car will have a locked "click" sound , Do not leave the car after the lock car, although the key to walking while walking more chic, but also left hidden dangers.


      Try to park in a regular and guarded car park


      First of all, the most important and most simple point is that I parked in a regular staff to care of the parking lot, although parking and housing prices are as expensive as the scary, but the formal parking facilities will be more complete, Car items or the loss of the vehicle itself, the parking fee is obviously nothing. Of course, the best safe and sound, we parked in the regular car park at least more practical.


      Parking as far as possible within the scope of monitoring the probe


      Now the regular parking lot, will install the monitoring probe, the car stopped as far as possible in the monitoring probe is clearly more insurance, because there is no thief will be willing to be photographed when committing his face. Even if the theft occurred, we can also take the surveillance video lock suspects and as evidence. If there is no probe, then put the car parked in the vicinity of the staff of the parking lot, the thief's courage and then no one can steal in front of people.


      Car anti-theft technology reflects the level of development of a national level of scientific and technological level of civilization, as soon as possible to improve the technical level of domestic car theft, narrowing the gap with the world's developed countries. Combined with the actual situation, adhere to independent research and development, at the same time the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, attention to car anti-theft technology research and promotion, and gradually improve vehicle anti-theft technology.

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