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      LED car camera search lights

      Apply to: military, prison, urban management, transportation management, traffic police, public security, marine industry



      ● all-weather environment design, high-strength aluminum alloy shell, impact resistance, anti-corrosion

      ● Degree of protection up to IP66

      ● Super anti-seismic characteristics, especially suitable for vehicle monitoring or prison monitoring

      ● Camera 2 million pixels, 20 times optical zoom, digital zoom 12 times

      ● Use energy-saving LED light search light, search distance of 400 meters
      ● Built-in decoder, integrated multiple protocols
      ● RS485 serial control, PTZ address 1-256
      ● Integrated omnidirectional pan / tilt (horizontal 360-degree infinite-position continuous rotation; manual rotation speed from 0 ~ 60 / sec continuous adjustment;Vertical: -87 ~ 93 degrees; manual speed of 40 degrees / sec)
      ● low-speed operation is smooth, ultra-low noise, the screen without jitter
      ● Full range of blind spot monitoring, accurate positioning
      ● 128 presets can be stored
      ● Horizontal scanning is performed between two points
      ● The patrol track and track self-learning function can be edited
      ● PTZ integrated within a variety of communication protocols (baud rate from 2400bps to 19200bps optional)
      ● Search lamp operating current 9A, lamp luminous flux 3200LM
      ● PTZ power: 135W
      ● Weight: 8KG
      ● Power supply: DC12V ± 10%
      ● Operating temperature: -35 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
      ● Installation: Car, flat base installation
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