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      Dear Customer: Hello!
      Thank you for your purchase of Wenzhou City Asahi Intelligent Security Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wenzhou Asahi") products, I would like to thank!
      In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, to avoid your worries, please buy through regular channels Wenzhou Asahi products, Wenzhou Asahi to you to make the product standard warranty service commitments, and when you need to provide you with the following services:
      One, three packs of services
      1) repair kits
      Warranty Wenzhou Asahi as a customer free repair or replacement of product quality is the cause of damage to the parts. Warranty period, regardless of human factors or natural damage caused by damage to parts, as part of Wenzhou Asahi parts replacement or maintenance, only charge a fee. Product maintenance, please provide product warranty card.
      2) replacement
      Since the date of purchase (date of purchase on the original certificate, the same below) from 90 days (inclusive), Wenzhou As the product specification in the product environment, the emergence of non-human, do not meet the "product manual" and The quality of the relevant national standards for testing hardware performance failure, the user has the right to choose to replace or repair. If you choose to replace the need to carry the original machine failure and purchase certificate to Wenzhou Asahi authorized service outlets, Wenzhou As the authorized service network will be free to replace the same model with the specifications of the product or fault parts; if the same model with the specifications of the product or accessories have Stop production, will replace not less than the original product performance products or accessories.
      Special Note: According to the specific purchase and sales contracts to special sales of products do not enjoy the ment service; demonstration machine special to sales, do not enjoy the Wenzhou As the replacement machine policy.
      3) is one of the following circumstances, Wenzhou Asahi does not provide three packs of services:
      ? Exceeding the validity period of three bags;
      ? Failure to use, maintain, or store the product in accordance with the requirements of the product;
      ? the use of pirated, non - standard, self - compiled or third - party software not released to the public caused the product can not be used normally;
      ? Failure or damage due to abnormal conditions such as falling, squeezing, high temperature, corrosion, foreign matter entering, bad electrical environment;
      ? Failure or damage due to force majeure such as natural disasters or war;
      ? Failure to do so due to unauthorized dismantling, repair or installation as confirmed by the unauthorized maintenance organization and its personnel;
      ? No manufacturer's name, address, date of manufacture, product serial number, product certificate, product warranty card, or product serial number and label are vague, damaged, unrecognizable;
      ? The product model number or serial number on the certificate does not correspond to the physical product.
      Second, the standard service commitments
      1) Warranty Period
      2) Since the date of your purchase (to purchase the original date of the certificate), Wenzhou As the purchase of your product will provide the following warranty:
      Product Series Production Time Standard Warranty Period
      Car Head Series ---- 12 months
      Control the keyboard series ---- 12 months
      Ball machine series ---- 12 months
      Network Video Server - 12 months
      3G Series ---- 12 months
      Car DVR Series ---- 12 months
      Other accessories ---- subject to the contract
      Note: The standard warranty period for consumable parts and accessories, such as power cables, data cables, and cables, and racks, is 3 months.
      ① original purchase voucher date and production time there are differences, the date of the original purchase certificate date;
      ② random promotional products and independent sales or non-standard type of product warranty policy, please refer to promotional products and independent sales or non-standard products corresponding to the warranty certificate;
      ③ special project product warranty period to purchase and sales contract shall prevail;
      ④ the box is not within the scope of warranty;
      ⑤ special machine to switch to sales, do not enjoy the Wenzhou As the replacement machine policy, the warranty period to purchase and sales contract shall prevail.
      special reminder
      This promise applies only to products within the People's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions).
      Provisions not listed in this commitment, in accordance with the "Three Guarantees" and the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.
      This commitment by the Wenzhou As the customer service department is responsible for interpretation, Wenzhou Asahi the right to change, revise this commitment.
      In line with the "Three Guarantees", under the premise of Wenzhou Asahi to retain the final interpretation of the commitment.
      This commitment is effective as of the date of promulgation.
      Third, service supervision
      In order to constantly improve customer service management and develop new customer service model, Wenzhou Asahi welcome every customer to monitor our services, or make recommendations for improvement. Wenzhou Asahi service supervision contact as follows:
      Contact: Customer Service
      Tel: 0577-86996996
      400 sales hotline: 4006628678
      E-mail: support@xsznaf.com
      Contact Address: Yongchang Road, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, No. 525
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      Address: No.525, Yongchang Road, Yongqiang High - tech Park, Wenzhou
      Phone: +86-577-86996996
      Fax: +86-577-86999119
      Email: xsznaf@139.com

      Unified national service hotline:
      400 6628 678
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